Instruments start at a base price of $1500 for a passive four-string fretted with Nordstrand Big Single Pickups and chrome Hipshot hardware. ETS bridges are available, but may add to the build time required. Nordstrand Pickup models vary and Fat Stacks and Dual Coils will be priced accordingly. Pre-amp prices vary by manufacturer and typically add $200-$500 to the base price, depending on model and options. Additional strings are $200 each, so a base five and six-string would be $1700 and $1900, respectively.

Base models can have a core wood option of Swamp Ash, Mahogany, or Limba as well as choice of readily available fingerboard woods. Other options are available as an upcharge. Top and back woods as well as accent lines are priced by the piece and are not factored in the base price.

Prior to an order being accepted, a deposit of one third of the final price is required. Pricing and build times vary by instrument. The specs of any instrument will be agreed upon by both parties, prior to a deposit being accepted.

Changes made by the client after the initial agreement will alter the final purchase price. Changes and terms will be agreed upon in writing in order for them to occur. The final balance, less the deposit is due upon completion of the instrument. You have four weeks to send final payment once the instrument has been completed.

Any instrument not paid for within one month of completion is subject to immediate sale to another interested party. Any initial deposit will be forfeited at this time.

All instruments are lifetime warranted to the original owner. Application of warranty is at sole discretion of Sheridan Basses. All prices are in US dollars. Applicable taxes applied to purchase price for New York residents.

StraightRadius No Charge
Compound Radius $75
Acrilyzed Fingerboard $100
Deluxe Fingerboard Woods (Gaboon, etc.) Per Piece
Deluxe Tops Per Piece
Deluxe Backs Per Piece
Body Accent Lines $35 Per Line
Wood Pick-up Covers $150
Wooden Knobs $150
Gold/Black Hardware $25-$50
Lined Fretless $100

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