It's not always about basses here at Sheridan Basses. From time to time there's a need to get the creative juices flowing and design different types of instruments.

Here we have the Sheridan Tapp. WIth 10 strings split between bass and melody, there's an infinite pallete for creating music. A set of custom designed, custom wound Nordstrand humbuckers delivers an incredibly diverse set of tones. An Audere 3-band preamp with passive tone and 3 z-modes drives the low end, while a custom 5-way switch gives coil tapping abilities to the melody side.

And we don't stop at there. The Tapp is equiped with the Graph Tech Hexpander preamp with MIDI output. Plugging into an Axon or Roland processor and you have any instrument - horns, synths, drums, anything - available at your fingertips.

What's more, all three outputs can run simultaneously.

Sheridan Tapp Sheridan Tapp Sheridan Tapp


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